posted on January 20, 2012 at 1821

New site up!

I’ve decided to officially bring my new site online! Much better than the old one, of course! In addition to the portfolio, I’ve added a better Research page and a new “Experiments” section for stuff that I’m working on but isn’t quite finished yet. I’ve integrated the blog into the main site so that everything is accessible from one place. The underlying content management system is WordPress, but the front-facing HTML and CSS is all hand-coded.

There are a few things that I’m still working on, but they don’t affect the stability of the main site:

1) Build a new photo browser. That section is temporarily out of order until I can work out something that I like well enough, but I think I have an idea; check back soon.
2) Write about the projects I’m working on that I haven’t bothered to document yet, and put them in the Experiments section.
3) Collect some of the posts from my previous site and flesh them out a bit. I wasn’t big on making updates on the previous site, particularly while I was working on my thesis, because it was a real pain to write long documents directly into nano…it’s just not a good page-layout program 😛 . So I may go back and, uh, retcon some of those two-line updates to be a little more descriptive, then stick them in the archives here where they belong.

So welcome!


[edit] Well, no transition ever goes quite smoothly. I thought I’d accounted for everything but moving the site from the test system to the live server broke all the image links. They should be fixed by now, though.

[edit 2] Aaand I’ve modified the portfolio index page so that it works properly on Internet Explorer. If you’ve got any experience writing HTML, you’ll certainly have come across some of IE’s, ahem, “quirks” — pieces of code that work perfectly in every other browser on the planet but fall apart if you load them in Internet Explorer. Somewhat surprisingly, it turns out this isn’t the result of poor coding on Microsoft’s part; IE actually follows the official HTML standards more accurately than any other browser. But this means that if you make little hacky workarounds in your code that don’t quite follow the best practices, the more easygoing browsers will render it “the way you probably meant”, while IE just falls apart. I admit it keeps you from being lazy, but man is it frustrating to have to go back and rewrite chunks of your code just to appease a browser that you don’t even use 😛

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