posted on January 02, 2012 at 1321

Welding classes

I decided to sign up for a welding course at the local community college. Having only ever messed around with a MIG (“the glue gun of welders”) a couple of times, I thought that it’d be useful to learn the proper techniques to make really nice-looking strong welds with all the various technologies. I once was told that “one should always have a trade and a profession, because then you use both your mind and your body, and if there is no work in one there is bound to be in the other.” A profound insight from a wise person — they should teach that concept in high school.

So anyway, going to start taking classes on the 9th, learning oxyacetylene, SMAW, MIG and TIG welding. I always love learning new skills like this.

And besides, just look at these cool dudes!


n.b. These are both images from the Farm Security Administration, shot between 1935 and 1945. If you haven’t seen the series before (though I guarantee you’ll recognize some of the photos), I completely endorse spending a while looking through the database at the Library of Congress. Every photo in the collection gives you pause, but the color photos from the Office of War Information are absolutely stunning, showing just what a master with Kodachrome and a 4×5 can do.

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